What can I say I started this site to share my love for the music I never thought we would still be here years later.

Back in 1998 I got the idea for The OverKill Nation while I was painting the back of my leather jacket a week before a show in Philadelphia at the Troc.

A few months later I had put everything on hold for the birth of my son and then I built the first OKN site was a free site which had tons of ads but got the job done while I was cutting my teeth on web design which lasted for a few years and I went with .NET site which was given to me by a friend.

After Myspace got crappy we moved over to facebook which is were you can get the latest updates for the site.

After a few years I set up shop here with a .COM and in 2011 I made a first batch of OKN T-shirts which went over well and later that year made a second batch.

And now after 20 years exciting things are on the horizon so keep checking the site for news.